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Strengthening your interpretation  



RokDoc® enables interpreters, geologists, geophysicists and petrophysicists to utilise rock physics models in order to integrate well data, geology and seismic data. Ease of use is the critical factor. In order to reduce risk and improve decisions, the functionality within RokDoc® is accessible to all.

With the updated RokDoc® cross-plotter, simple and complex rock physics overlays can, for the first time, be programmed by all geoscientists - the power of rock physics models available within one integrated environment.

RokDoc® allows you to improve the quality and productivity of subsurface analysis,  accelerate value and reduce risk, save interpretion time by having available the tools needed to make the right choices, and achieve swift answers to 'what if?' questions

Functionality available within RokDoc®

  • 0D modeling - point data can rapidly develop your understanding of key controls and seismic responses on a single interface

  • 1D modeling - well based modelling - use your own well data to perform various rock physics functions, including Gassmann fluid substitution and porosity perturbations

  • 2D modeling - available in the RokDoc®-2D module

  • Modeling While Picking - the RokDoc®-Petrel Plugin

  • New improved RokDoc®-2D module

  • New Dry Rock Gassmann Fluid Substitution

  • Implemented FLAG Fluid Algorithms

  • New advanced cross-plot overlay capabilities

  • Use and view lithology data

  • Anisotropy enhancements for deviated wells

  • Seismic data handling improvements

  • Plot pressure data & discrete values in tracks

  • New User Interface:

  • All data visible in new data tree form
  • Drag and drop data and wells
  • Add, move, remove and resize tracks with a single
mouse click
  • Significantly improved performance