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Structural Interpretation Using Seismic Data, Outcrops and Analogue Models


April 5 - 9, 2020

Instructor : Sandro Serra, Ph.D.


Exploration and Development Geologists, Geophysicists, Modellers, Exploration Supervisors and Managers


Day 1: Introduction and course overview
  • Work flow for predicting and interpreting the shape of structural traps
  • Influence of the mechanical properties of rocks on the
  • Shape of structural traps

Day 2: Structures in compressional terrains
  • Large scale tectonic framework of fold and thrust belts
  • Influence of mechanical stratigraphy on trap styles
  • Seismic interpretation of compressional trap styles

Day 3: Structures in extensional terrains; Inversion structures
  • Large scale tectonic framework of rift basins
  • Influence of mechanical stratigraphy on trap styles
  • Seismic interpretation of normal fault patterns and trap styles
  • Reactivation of normal faults and inversion structures
  • Seismic interpretation of inversion structures

Day 4: Structures in strike-slip terrains
  • Large scale tectonic framework of strike-slip basins
  • Trap styles in strike-slip settings
  • Salt tectonics in passive margin settings
  • Tectonic influence of salt in passive margin settings
  • Diapir styles and growth sequence
  • Allocthonous salt and salt canopies
  • Evolution of raft blocks and turtle structures
  • Deep-water salt-floored fold and thrust belts
  • Seismic interpretation of passive margin structural traps

Day 5: Effect of structure on reservoir properties
  • Tools for structural analysis


First day will be held at Holiday Inn (Former Sofitel Hotel), in Cairo. The participants will fly the next day to Hurghada. The course will be continued in Hurghada.


Inclusive of refreshment and lunch at the Holiday Inn (Former Sofitel Hotel). Air Ticket Cairo/Hurghada return and accommodation in Hurghada.


Dr. Sandro Serra is a specialist in structural geology with strong formal training focused on outcrop studies, rock mechanics, computer and physical modeling, and balanced cross sections. During more than 28 years in the oil industry, he has enhanced and applied his expertise to diverse exploration projects involving a variety of structural trap styles in many parts of the world, including the Americas, eastern Europe, north and east Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. He is most adept at providing technical input on topics dealing with regional tectonics, structural style, and the detailed geometry of structural traps.

He is enthusiastic about developing and applying new techniques to more quickly and accurately assess risk associated with trap shape and trap timing in oil and gas exploration and development projects. Dr. Serra has helped design and teach several in-house training courses related to structural styles. He published many papers in international magazines and conferences.

Employment History
2004 - Present: Consultant for Oil Companies.
1999 - 2003………, BP Houston
1999 - 1977 ………Amoco Houston

Ph.D., Geology, 1978, Texas A&M University
M.S., Geology, 1973, Syracuse University
B.S., Geology, 1970, City College of New York