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Practical Application of Sequence Stratigraphy, Facies And Depositional Environments of Sandstone Reservoirs
(Utilizing Logs, Seismic, Cores And Outcrops)


November 25 - 29, 2018

Instructor : Riyadh Rahmani Ph.D.


The material of this course should be of interest to exploration and development geologists, reservoir geologists, reservoir engineers, petrophysicists, log analysts, geophysicists and managers of all these disciplines.


Sequence Stratigraphy
  • What is Sequence Stratigraphy? Lithostratigraphy vs Sequence Stratigraphy Power of Sequence Stratigraphy
  • Sea Level Change
  • Major Controls on Depositional Sequences
    • Sediment Accommodation
    • Sediment Supply
    • Effects of Basin Type & Physiography
  • Transgression & Regression
    • Transgression
    • Regression
    • Normal Regression
    • Forced Regression
  • Stratal Terminations
  • Sequence Stratigraphic Surfaces
  • Base Level Rise Surfaces
    1. Transgressive Surface
    2. Maximum Flooding Surface
  • (MFS) Base Level Fall Surfaces
    1. Subaerial Unconformity & Its Correlative Conformity (CC)
    2. Basal Surface of Forced Regression
  • Sequence Boundaries (SBs) Recognition
  • Parasequences
    • Definition & Parasequence Development
    • Stacking Patterns
    • Parasequence Sets & Boundaries
  • Sequences
  • Definitions
  • Systems Tracts
    • Falling Stage Systems Tract-Forced Regression (FSST)
    • Lowstand Systems Tract (LST)
    • Transgressive Systems Tract (TST)
    • Highstand Systems Tract (HST)
  • Sequence Duration & Driving Mechanism
  • Sequence Hierarchy
  • Sequence Stratigraphic Tools
  • Log Suites Used In Sequence Stratigraphy
  • Facies & Depositional Environments
    • Concepts of Sedimentary Facies
    • Walther's Law of Facies
    • Concept of Flow Regime & Generation of Sedimentary Structures
    • Methods of Study & Data Presentation
  • Fluvial Depositional Systems
  • Delta Depositional Systems
  • Estuarine, Incised Valley Fills and Transgressive Barrier Island Depositional Systems
  • Tidal Depositional Systems
  • Wave & Storm Dominated Shoreline & Shallow Marine Depositional Systems
  • Deep Marine Depositional Systems.


Sets of basic exercises will be handed out to course participants after each major topic to be worked out (solved) by groups of two or three. These practical exercises range from reviews of concepts to geophysical log correlations supported by rock data to using 2D and 3D seismic exercises to outcrop exercises.


First day will be held at Holiday Inn (Former Sofitel Hotel), in Cairo. The participants will fly the next day to Hurghada. The course will be continued in Hurghada.


Inclusive of refreshment and lunch at the Holiday Inn (Former Sofitel Hotel). Air Ticket Cairo/Hurghada return and accommodation in Hurghada.


Riyadh (Ray) A. Rahmani is a consulting petroleum geologist and President of RRC Stratigraphic Consulting in Victoria, Canada. He holds a PhD in Geology (1973) from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. Dr. Rahmani has 42 years of worldwide experience with the petroleum industry (Canada, USA, North & East Africa, and the Middle East) and government geological surveys. He has previously worked with RAK Gas (Ras Al Khaimah, UAE), Crescent Petroleum (Sharjah, UAE), Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia), Sirte Oil (Libya), Canadian Hunter Exploration, Alberta Geological Survey, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Geological Survey of Canada, and Shell Canada. He is a member of the AAPG, IAS and SEPM.

Dr. Rahmani has conducted numerous outcrop and subsurface-based regional and field scale sequence stratigraphic and facies studies of clastic reservoirs in petroleum basins of a variety of tectono-stratigraphic settings which span the entire Phanerozoic. His fields of interests are clastic reservoir characterization, sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy and basin analysis.

Dr. Rahmani has taught these subjects since 1973 both in the classroom and in field seminars to his employers' staff and society conferences and meetings, in Canada and worldwide. As a consultant for the past 11 years he has taught these courses both as public courses & private in house seminars to petroleum professionals in Indonesia, Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Canada.