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Prospect Risking, Volumetrics and Play Assessment


February 4 - 8, 2018

Instructor : Salah Abu Karamat, Ph.D. (+35 Years Experience)


Geologists, geophysicists, petroleum engineers and economists.


This course provides an introduction to how to identify, map, describe and risk a prospect, assess its volumetrics and propose it to management for drilling. Practical exercises and hands on problems from real case studies will be used.


  • How to use the principles of play fairway and petroleum system analysis to improve understanding of prospectivity.
  • How to identify and map leads and prospects within petroleum basins and play fairways.
  • How to risk prospects based on assessment of chance of finding a suitable reservoir/ seal pair;
    • Charge from mature source kitchen;
    • Migration conduit and
    • Trap that was created prior to charge.
  • How to establish a probability range of resources/ reserves using Monte Carlo probabilistic procedures from input parameters including:
    • Gross rock volume,
    • Net to gross,
    • Porosity,
    • Hydrocarbon saturation,
    • Formation Volume Factor/ Gas Expansion Factor and recovery factor.
  • How to present a prospect to management as an investment opportunity.


First day will be held at the Holiday Inn Maadi Hotel, in Cairo. The participants will fly the next day to Hurghada. The course will be continued in Hurghada.


The cost is inclusive of course manual, guidebook, accommodation in Hurghada and air ticket to/from Hurghada.


Dr. Salah has got Ph.D. from Cairo University in 1996. He has 35 years of comprehensive working history briefed as follows: a- Senior Geological Consultant (Sonangol P&P, Angola, 2012- 2016).
b- Geology Manager (Aminex Egypt Petroleum ltd, 2010-2012)
c- Exploration Manager (Sahara Oil & Gas "SOG", 2010-2010)
d- Cheif Geologist /Acting Exploration Manager. (PetroSA Egypt Co.,2007-20010)
e- Africa Region Senior Geologist (KUFPEC, KUWAIT, 2006-2007)
f- Sr. Staff Geologist (APACHE EGYPT, 1999-2006)
g- Director Exploration Project (SeaGull Egypt, 1998-1999)
h- Exploration Department Head (GUPCO, 1988-1998)
i-Geologist-Specialist-Regional geologist (GUPCO, 1977-1988)

He Received a certificate of Recognition from Apache Egypt Co. for the extra effort leading to the discovery of three new fields in the Western Desert of Egypt during year 2005.Also, received 2 certificates of recognition from Gulf of Suez Petroleum Co. (GUPCO) for the 15 and 20 years of working and participating in finding new oil discoveries. that led to the increase of oil production of the company.


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