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Petrophysics For Conventional Reservoirs, Thin Beds, Shaly Sand, Low Resistivty Pay


February 10 - 14, 2018

Instructor : David Eickhoff


Petrophysicist, Reservoir, production, gas, operation geologists, geophysicists, Geoscientists and managers.


Day 1
  • Introduction
  • Petrophysical Properties
  • Coring and Core Analysis
  • Lithology from Crossplots
  • Reservoir Stress

Day 2
  • Porosity (from nuclear, acoustic and NMR measurements)
  • Light hydrocarbon corrections
  • Permeability (models, from crossplots, NMR logs)

Day 3
  • Formation Factor
  • Water Resistivity (methods: Archie, SP curve, pressure gradient, fluid sample)
  • Picket Plots
  • Resistivity Index
  • Hydrocarbon saturation
  • Capillary pressure
  • Sw from NMR

Day 4
  • Shaly Sands
  • Vshale methods
  • Total and Effective Porosity
  • Saturation Models (Vsh, Cation Exchange Models, Crossplot Methods)
  • Thin Bed Analysis
  • Resistivity Anisotropy
  • Net Pay

Day 5
  • Low Resistivity Pay
  • Specialty Tools
  • Review and Hands on Certificates.


First day will be held at Holiday Inn (Former Sofitel Hotel), in Cairo. The participants will fly the next day to Hurghada. The course will be continued in Hurghada.


Inclusive of refreshment and lunch at the Holiday Inn (Former Sofitel Hotel). Air Ticket Cairo/Hurghada return and accommodation in Hurghada.


Skilled petrophysicist with nearly thirty years of evaluation experience in conventional reservoirs covering most of the world's major sedimentary basins. Independent and major oil company assignments spanning production and exploration including over thirteen years with Shell Oil Company. Major strengths in reservoir characterization, elastic properties of rocks and reservoir quality prediction. Retired from full time work at end of 2011 and now focused on industry teaching/training.

  • Contract Instructor for Nautilus/RPS Group, Houston, Texas 2012-Current
    Instructor of two courses on conventional petrophysics. Assisted in development and teaching of the courses from 2002-2011 while employed with Marathon Oil.
  • MARATHON OIL COMPANY, Houston, Texas 1999-2011
    Gulf of Mexico Operations/Exploration 2008-2011 Supported a deepwater exploration and appraisal team with evaluations of Miocene and Lower Tertiary reservoirs. Prepared evaluation programs consisting of wireline, LWD and core. Implemented a workflow for prospect screening of reservoir quality using basin analysis and compaction/cementation models.
  • Libya - Sirte Basin Appraisal and Development 2006-2008
    Constructed reservoir model of NC 98 field with subsurface team from a discovery and several appraisal wells. Prepared a routine and special core analysis program involving several hundred feet of whole core. Utilized a quantile based porosity-permeability transform method resulting in improved log derived kh match to production tests.
  • Global Deepwater Exploration Services 1999-2006
    Assisted prospect evaluation of offshore plays in Gulf of Mexico, Angola, North Sea, Nova Scotia and Brunei. Improved company understanding of seismic reflectivity with rock physics models, trend curves and AVO analysis. Drilling in blocks 31 and 32 offshore Angola resulted in 30 discoveries by partners.
  • VANGUARD PETROPHYSICS (consulting dba), Houston, Texas 1993-1999
    Worked as contractor/consultant specializing in integrated multi-well field studies, exploration well evaluation, wellsite operations and log-seismic modeling.
  • Contract assignment with Shell Western E&P 1996-1999
    Supported successful exploration and development drilling of South Texas Wilcox fields. Prepared evaluation programs for high pressure and temperature, shaly, low permeability gas sands.
  • Contract assignment with Pecten International 1995-1996
    Assisted operator with remote location exploratory well, drilled offshore Senegal, West Africa. Prepared evaluation program and coordinated logistics with drilling and logging service companies. Served as company representative for drilling and successful evaluation.
  • Contract assignment with Amoco Production 1993-1994
    Assisted with training on newly implemented GEOLOG petrophysical software.
  • GREENHILL PETROLEUM, Houston, Texas 1991-1993
    Provided petrophysical/geophysical support to a multidisciplinary team exploring onshore Texas Gulf Coast Yegua/Wilcox reservoirs.
  • SHELL OFFSHORE INC., New Orleans, Louisiana 1982-1991
  • Turbidite Study Team 1990-1991
    Completed a thirty well multidisciplinary field study of a competitor's turbidite development. Identified risks in deepwater developments including sources of anomalous bright spots.
  • Deepwater Operations 1988-1990
    Coordinated data acquisition for a deepwater exploration program. Recommended, acquired and evaluated wireline, measurement while drilling, core, mudlog and formation test data. Discoveries included GC 158 (Brutus), reserves >50 MMBBLS.
  • Exploration Support 1985-1988
    Provided geophysical support for Gulf of Mexico lease sales targeting Plio-Pleistocene bright spots. Work included log edits for seismic ties, Gassmann fluid replacement and trend curves.
  • Production Engineering Support 1982-1985
    Specialized in pulsed neutron log interpretation and made recompletion recommendations for several large water flood fields in shelf waters offshore Louisiana.

  • California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California
  • Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, 1982
  • Shell Oil Company Technical Training 1982-1991

  • Society of Professional Well Log Analysts (SPWLA)
  • American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)