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Southern Gulf of Suez & Northern Red Sea Petroleum System
Field Seminar
Northern Red Sea And Southern Gulf Of Suez, Egypt


December 6 - 10, 2020

Instructor : DR. M. DARWISH


Managers, exploration and development geologists, geophysicists, exploration supervisors and petroleum engineers


This course is tailored to provide an in-depth working knowledge considering the petroleum systems elements in the Gulf of Suez and Red Sea hydrocarbon provinces, highlighting the Pre-rift and Syn-rift sequences. As the Oligo-Miocene Rifting stages controlled the structural architectures and its impact on sedimentation, this region will be shown through its tectonostratigraphic events in relation with global cycle chart (Cretaceous-Tertiary successions) and their sequence stratigraphic framework. Hydrocarbon source potential and Reservoir systems (Rocks, Traps and Seals) will be in comparison for both regions.


Field Seminar:

Day One:
Meeting Point: Infront of EREX Office at 6.00am, El Salam Tower, 115 Misr Helwan Street, Maadi, Cairo.
On Road From Cairo to Hurghada
Pre-Rift and Syn-Rift Succession along Ain Sukhna-Hurghada Road:
  • Ain Sukhna - Jurassic Sequences (An Overview). and Khashm El Galala, Clastic / Carbonates.
  • Zaafarana accommodation zone stop: A brief account on Zafarana oil field and Miocene sands coming from the Wadi Araba structure.
  • St. Paul stop: Miocene Syn-rift Sequences / Pre-rift Cretaceous - Eocene Sequences
  • A brief account on the Issaran field (heavy oil from fractured Miocene carbonates).
  • Ras Gharib - Hurghada (Road Geology).
(Overnight at Quseir)

Day Two: (Southern Reaches of Gebel Duwi)
  • Hurghada - Quseir-Wadi Ambagy
  • Basement/Nubia Sandstone contacts
  • Upper Cretaceous-Tertiary sequence
  • Campanian - Duwi Phosphate
  • Camp-Maast. Dakhla Shales (Source Rocks)
  • Paleocene Tarawan chalk
  • Paleocene Esana Shales
  • L. Eocene Thebes Fm
(Overnight at Quseir)

Day Three: (Northern Reaches of Gebel Duwi)
  • Hurghada-Safaga-Um El Huetat area
  • Northern Structural Features (Duwi Trend) and accompanied patterns.
(Overnight at Gouna)

Day Four: Gebel El Zeit area
  • Eastern bounding fault of G. Zeit tilted fault block.
  • Unconformity between Miocene evaps and pre-rift rocks at the eastern updip part of the block.
  • Basement/Nubia contact
  • Nubia Ss. units
  • ENE-WSW oriented (cross) faults cutting Zeit block.
  • Miocene channel at the southern part of Wadi Kabrit.
  • Ras El Ush graben between the Main Zeit and Little Zeit block.
  • Raised Pleistocene terraces at the SE side of Zeit block.
  • Oil seeps at the SE side of Zeit block.
(Overnight at Hurghada)

Day Five: Driving Back to Cairo, Stop at St. Paul according to timing.


The field seminar is in the northern Red Sea and southern Gulf of Suez. The accommodation stay will be in Quseir and El Gouna.


The cost covers a comprehensive manual, accommodation, meals and refreshments with transport by 4X4 vehicles during the field seminar.


Dr. M. Darwish has obtained his B.Sc. in 1968 from Cairo University and Ph.D. in 1979 from Bucharest University. He is EREX Consultant for Sedimentology and Professor in Cairo University for Sedimentology and Petroleum Geology. During the last ten years, Dr. Darwish has offered appreciated consulting services on sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy for the oil companies in Egypt.