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Depositional Envirnment And Geometry Of Sandstone And Carbonate Reservoirs
Along Western Side Of Gulf Of Suez
Ain Sukhna To Esh El Mellaha


May 6 - 10, 2018

Instructor : M. DARWISH, Ph.D.


Geological Supervisors, exploration and development geologists, sedimentologists, petrophysicists and geophysicists.


This course will give an insight view to the geoscientists about the importance of the variations of fluvial, deltaic and shallow marine reservoirs and the critical effect on the hydrocarbon exploration and development.

The field seminar investigates the analysis of hydrocarbon reservoirs in shallow marine and fluviomarine clastic depositional facies. The origin, characteristics and geometry of sand and carbonate bodies will be considered, with the emphasis on the complexities of reservoirs formed in different depositional environments.

Registration is required at least five weeks prior to the course date to assure issueing the desert permits


Day One: Cairo
Sofitel Hotel, Concepts and Theoretical overview on depositional environments

Day Two: Pre Rift-Syn Rift Succession (Cairo-Ain Sukhna)
  • Oligocene Fluvial Systems (Kattamiya Road)
  • Khashm El Galala (Jurassic Sequences at Ain Sukhna)

Non-marine to shallow marine facies
(Rising Sea level (example)

Overnight at Ain Sukhna Hotel)

Day Three: Ain-Suhna- Hurghada Road)
  • Wadi Qiseib (Permo-Carboniferous - Triassic Systems)
    Shallow marine to non-marine facies
    (Falling sea level (example)
  • Southern Galala, Wadi St. Paul (Wadi El Deir)
    From shelf to Upper slope Carbonate Facies
  • Pre-Rift siliciclastics (?) Nubia type facies
  • Syn Rift shallow marine to restricted suites

Ras Gharib - Hurghada Road

Road Geology - Oolitic Carbonate facies shoreline systems

Overnight at Hotel in El Gona

Day Four: Esh El Mellaha Range, (Abu Shaar El Qibli)
Syn Rift Miocene Reefs Build-ups.
(Prograding / Retrograding Sequences)

Overnight at El Gona

Day Five: Travelling back to Cairo, Short geological stops along the road.


The first day will be held at the Sofitel Maadi Hotel in Cairo. The field seminar will start from the second day along the western side of Gulf of Suez.


The cost is inclusive of lodging, meals, field transport and manual.


DR. M. DARWISH has obtained his B.Sc. in 1968 from Cairo University and Ph.D. in 1979 from Bucharest University. He is EREX Consultant for Sedimentology and Professor in Cairo University for Sedimentology and Petroleum Geology. During the last fifteen years, Dr. Darwish has offered appreciated consulting services on sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy for the oil companies in Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Gulf area.