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Characterization and Geometry of Deltaic & Shallow Marine Reservoirs


January 31-February 4, 2021

Instructor : M. Darwish, Ph.D


Geological Supervisors, Exploration and Development Geologists, Sedimentologists, Petrophysicists and Geophysicists.


This course will give an insight view to the geoscientists about the importance of the variations of fluvial, deltaic and shallow marine reservoirs and the critical effect on the hydrocarbon exploration and development.

The workshop will analyze some hydrocarbon reservoirs (shallow marine vs. fluviomarine clastics), considering the following:


  • Origin, Geometries of sandy bodies and emphasis on complexities of HC Reservoirs.
  • Criteria for recognition of different sedimentary facies, facies association, Genetic concepts.
  • Examples of modern and ancient models.
  • Delta structures and sub-environment climatic and tectonic controls of facies,
  • Sequence and cyclostratigraphic analytical approaches.
  • Syndepositional tectonic and sand disperse reservoir sand geometry
  • Heterogeneity and permeability barriers.
  • Development of repetitive lateral and vertical sequences in delta system.
  • Post Depositional Changes, Modelling of Depositional Environments and Case Studies.
  • Predict reservoir size, shape, trend and quality.


The course will be held at the Holiday Inn Maadi hotel in Cairo.


Inclusive of coffee breaks, lunch and manual in Holiday Inn Maadi hotel, Cairo.


DR. M. DARWISH  has obtained his B.Sc. in 1968 from Cairo University and Ph.D. in 1979 from Bucharest University.  He is EREX Consultant for Sedimentology and Professor in Cairo University for Sedimentology and Petroleum Geology.  During the last ten years, Dr. Darwish has offered appreciated consulting services on sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy for the oil companies in Egypt.