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Advanced Practices in Exploration and Production of Unconventional Hydrocarbon Resources

Course & Workshop

January 10-14, 2021

Instructor : Dr. Ahmed Abdel Fattah


Geological Supervisors, Exploration and Development geologists, Geophysicists, Petrophysicists and Reservoir Engineers.


Unconventional Resources and the Keys to Unlock in Egypt. Geoscience and geoengineering

  • Geological Character of Conventional Hydrocarbon.
  • Definition of Conventional hydrocarbon .
  • Conventional hydrocarbon accumulation in Sedimentary Basins.
  • Elements of Petroleum system.
  • Source Rock , Hydrocarbon generation and migration.
  • Reservoir rocks, Sandston and carbonates.
  • Traps and Seal Rocks.

Unconventional Hydrocarbons And Shale Gas Revolution
  • Conventional and Unconventional reservoirs.
  • Definition of Unconventional reservoir. (Shale gas and oil , Carbonate ).
  • Definition of shale Gas and shale oil
  • Definition of unconventional carbonate

Play Characteristics
The Fundamental Aspects for Evaluation
  • Generation Potential (source)
  • Storage Potential (reservoir)
  • Production Potential (Productivity)

HC Related Non conventional Resources
  • Reservoirs and Hydrocarbon Accumulation -Classification and Types.
  • Challenge: Perspective on Shale Gas Reservoirs
  • Permeability System

  1. Thickness, Depth , Areal extent Type (silty).
  2. Brittleness (low Poissons ratio & high Youngs Modulus)
  3. Source Rock

What makes the shale a good Source for gas plays
  • Geochemical
  • Type of organic matter heterogeneity .
  • Amount of organic matter
  • Thermal maturity
  • Total organic carbon
  • Concept of the net thickness of highest TOC shale ,Vitrinite reflectance controlling prospectivity.
  • Burial history (compaction, uplift, timing
  • Relationship of Thermal Maturity to initial gas flow rates.

Logging program
  • PeX Porosity (Saturations).
  • ECS Clay content and Differentiate adsorbed and free gas.
  • DSI - MSIP Mechanical properties and Anisotropy
  • FMI Natural fractures -Faults and Drilling-induced fractures.
  • XPT Formation Pressure Estimation of Frac Gradients

Using predictive analytics to unlock unconventional plays
  • Basic model for shale gas genesis.
  • Shale Gas Revolution
  • Making Unconventional Gas Resource Estimates Is Difficult
  • sweet spot Definition

  • Shale mineralogy clays, quartz, carbonate, other?)

Geomechanics .
  • Gas assessment related
  • Drilling and completion related
  • Stimulation and production related.
  • Well performance for unconventional reservoirs.
  • Shale Gas Development - Phased Program
  • Shale Gas Play Commercial and Economics. Cost profiles for shale plays.
  • Challenge: Shale Plays Estimates (Barnett, Fayetteville and Woodford) ,BP and unconventional gas
  • Key Observations and Messages

Technological & Engineering Issues

  • COMPLETION Typical Completions, A Multistage Completion Design
  • Completion Objectives ,Well Completion Equipment
  • STIMULATION Initial Shale Stimulations, Other Consideration, A typical Hydraulic frac. Operation For Shale Gas Stimulation Jobs
  • Hydraulic Fractures, Advanced Fracturing Fluids Improve Well Economics Prop pants.
  • Water management model and Looking across the water lifecycle.

  • Keys to Shale Gas Success in U.S.
  • Investment in E&D by public/private sectors
    • Fiscal incentives such as tax credits
    • Innovations and risk taking by industry
    • Robust service infrastructure and gas market
    • Technology break-through led to "Shale Gas Revolution"
      • Horizontal drilling and multiple stage fracturing
      • Inter-company data exchange
      • Fractured Woodford, Permian Basin

Unconventional in Canda.

Unconventional in South America, Chili and Argentina.

Unconventional Revolution in China .


  • Where is Egypt on the map of Gas Shale
  • Egypt shale gas work flow, Action plane forward
  • Sedimentary Basins in Egypt
  • Reservoir in Egypt
  • How does North American Experience Translate to North Africa?
  • Different examples from Egypt and compare with USA basins.
  • Western Desert
  • Gulf of Suez


Energy consuming

Increase gas price.

New technology that facilitate unconventional and gas production.


The Five days will be held at Holiday Inn (Former Sofitel Hotel), in Cairo.


Inclusive of refreshment and lunch at the Holiday Inn (Former Sofitel Hotel).


Dr. Ahmed 40 years of experience in different G&G disciplines .Long time experience in G & G in different terrain in Egypt , GOS, Red Sea, Med ,WD. In Algeria , Libya ,Sudan , Iraq , Vietnam, Morocco and Italy.

Used to work with Petrobel and IEOC , JV and Affiliated company with Eni , In the different fields in the GOS and Med. Also with Nalpetco ,JV of Amerada Hess in ultra-deep water in West Med and drilled ulta deep wells with HT, HP .

Worked with Khalda as exploration and development manager, JV with Apatche and used to drill about 35 exploratory wells a year with success ratio over 65% , and more than 100 development and water injection wells.

Worked as Vice chairman for EGPC for 6 years, and was the head of the committee of development of GOS.

Member of the committee for the development Med and WD.

Head of the committee of exploration in Egypt.

Head of the committee of Unconventional resources in Egypt.